What are Weight Gainer?

Weight Gainer

No doubt that losing excess weight is the dream of many people, but there are also the people who don’t have sufficient body weight and wish for gaining it. Well, as there are numerous products that can help the people to lose weight, the weight gainer products are also available in the market. If you are among those people who want to gain weight, build muscles and are thinking about using weight gainers, then this write up is going to help you. In the article, we are going to discuss the various facts that are related to weight gainers.

What actually are the weight gainers?

As the name depicts, the weight gainers are supplements that help you gain the desired body weight. In addition, these supplements help you to build muscle and complete your body’s caloric need. Weight gainers mostly come in the powder form which you can mix in milk or water. The Gainer used before or after the workout these weight gainers aims at providing you the significant amount of calories and macronutrients, which in turn help you to gain a proper body weight.

Using a weight gainer

In order to meet the daily protein and caloric needs, many people are required to eat more than they are comfortable with. If you are the one among those people, then weight gainers can help you. But, in order to get the maximum benefits of these weight gaining products, you are required to know that how to use them effectively. An incorrect use may not only cause you the medical problems, but you can also result into gaining more fat than intended. Here, we are going to give some instructions that would help you to use your weight gainer in the right way.

  • Weight gainer supplements are always taken as a shake, in which you can combine the weight gainer powder with a liquid. It is recommended to use water or milk. If you want to intake some more calories, then you should go for milk, otherwise you can mix it in water. It depends on your taste and requirements that which one you choose.
  • Most of the weight gainers won’t mix well with a spoon. So, to get a lump-free drink, you are required to have a shaker cup or can use a blender for combining the ingredients. It will make the drink more palatable.
  • Quantity is the most important fact to consider while taking a weight gainer. There are mainly two things that you need to consider and they are your nutritional needs and the nutritional value that a particular weight gainer has. So, firstly know your nutritional needs, then check out the nutrient value of the weight gain supplement and after that tailor your supplement intake accordingly.

In general, it is recommended to mix one or two scoops of supplement in your shake as more amounts may make the shake too lumpy or thick.

  • People also get confuse about the fact that how many shakes they should take in a day. Well, there is no particular number as it depends on your body’s need and your diet. You can track the number of calories that you have taken through your meals through an app and then can intake the shake accordingly, depending on your body’s requirements.
  • What is the perfect time to take weight gainer? Well, everyone has his own suggestions. But, the first thing on which this fact depends is the type of supplement as many of these supplements are more effective when taken at particular timings. It also depends on the factors that whether you are looking for muscle building or weight gain. However, if you are interested in taking a weight gain supplement pre or post to workout then you should focus on the supplements that would contain higher carbohydrates and low fat. It is because the fast acting carbohydrates in these supplements push the amino acids little faster to the muscles and helps in better muscle building.
  • Many people are concerned about the fact that is it right to take these supplements without getting involved in workout or not. Here, we would like to tell you that as the main task of weight gainers is muscle building, so you should consume them accordingly. Taking weight gainers without any workout will lead to gain more weight than required. And, if still you are interested then consult a physician about it.
  • Furthermore, it depends on your nutritional goals that whether you need to take weight gainer daily or can take them on off days. If taking them on off days fulfills your nutritional needs then there is nothing wrong with that.

Are weight gainers really required?

As mentioned above that all it depends on your body needs that whether you should take weight gainers or not. If your nutritional needs are properly met through your meals, then there is no need of taking weight gainers, but if your body lacks in one or more nutrients, then you should consider taking weight gainers. However, there is no necessity that you must take them. However, here we are going to mention the benefits of weight gainers which will help you to decide that whether you should rely on these supplements or not.

  • No doubt that these supplements help you to gain weight, but they also help you in building a lean and toned body. Taking them on daily basis can help to get the desired results.
  • Weight gainers aim at increasing the body energy. As they tend to refill the body’s glycogen concentration, it helps you to gain more energy and do more workouts.
  • Whether it is protein, vitamins and minerals; the weight gainers can fulfill your body’s need of all these nutrients.
  • You must be aware that fiber plays an important role in the removal of toxic waste from human body, food digestion and in its absorption. As the weight gainers are rich in fiber, they will definitely assist your body in meeting these needs.

Thus, weight gainers can really help you to build muscle, but care should be taken that you are using them in right way.

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